About Me


Most of you reading this know me as the singer and guitarist / keys player in Slowdive, Minor Victories and The Soft Cavalry. We are currently recording and hope to return to live work when the world feels a bit safer and stable. 

I have been a professional musician for approximately 30 years.  

I was first introduced to fused glass back in 2018 when my (at the time soon to be) mother in law gave me a two day crash course in the basics. Chris had been working with fused glass for a number of years and decided it was time to retire from this particular course in her life  and as a wedding gift to me subsequently gave me all of her equipment. I completely fell in love with the process and now have two kilns and rather a lot of equipment. I "cold work" (the sanding and finishing) all of my glass by hand and most pieces take at least two kiln firings of sometimes up t0 40/50 hours before I get to the final stages. 

I have over the last three years, expanded my knowledge widely by undertaking a number of fused glass courses with recognised fused glass artists both here in the UK and in the USA. My work is ever evolving with some exciting projects lined up for the Autumn! I continue to learn. 

I have lived in Devon for the last 9 years and previously resided in London for 17 years. I much prefer the peace, quiet and space of the countryside which will be reflected in my future collections. I have one son - Jesse (11) and am married to Steve. 

Last year I  particularly enjoyed exploring colour popping combinations with my optic dishes which have a direct nod to the 60's & 70's - some of which  translate to bands and album covers. This year I am expanding my collections to include landscapes and to explore different glass techniques. 

My shop updates can be a little sporadic so if you would like to be kept up to date on what I'm doing then please pop your email into the box on the front page. 

I absolutely promise to not be a spam nightmare. 

Best Wishes

Rachel x